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05th May 2022

This shop in Seattle sells Northern and Southern Tayto, but prices vary

Fiona Frawley

two packets of salt and vinegar tayto, one with northern packaging, one with southern

Frasier found reeling.

Twitter’s a scary place at the moment, so rather than delving into anything too depressing, we find the best thing to do is focus on bizarre stories about crisps for sale in shops we’ll never go to.

Which is why we were only delighted when this little doozy popped up on our feed.

As you can see,”Ye Olde English Shoppe” in Seattle has both Tayto varieties on offer – Northern and ‘Free Stayto’ (iconic nickname credit to The Irish For Twitter page) – but in an interesting twist, Northern Taytos come in 50c more expensive than their Southern counterpart. Could be Brexit, could be a comment on the cultural differences still prevalent on either side of the border, could be a typo… who can say for sure.

We could write a thesis on the fact that Taytos of any variety are on display mere inches away from a Union Jack in a shop with “English” in the name, but as I said, we’re keeping it light.

Shout out also to the price list positioned just behind the salt and vinegar packets, where you’ll see a Tayto cheese & onion six pack will set you back a staggering $7.99, while 12 packs come in at a cool $14.49. Also on offer are King and O’Donnell’s, price tbc.

Header image via Twitter/theirishfor

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