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19th Dec 2019

This website lets you let you film Santa’s reindeer in your own living room – here’s how

Sarah Finnan

I’m a big child at heart, and even though I know this is fake, it’s made me all the more excited for Christmas Eve.

Some people go to all the rounds in an attempt to leave signs of Santa’s visit.

Half-full (I’m an optimist don’t ya know?) glasses of milk, biscuit crumbs trailing the floor, dirty footprints.

I still maintain that I woke up to see our sitting room range moved out from the wall and magically back in place when I passed by not two minutes later on the way back from the bathroom. It definitely happened. Magic exists, ok?

In recent years, my sister has started the tradition of sending me a personalised video from the big man (make yours at Portable North Pole) but why not go one step further and treat the kids to footage of an actual reindeer in their sitting room.

Possible courtesy of the McDonald’s Reindeer Ready website.

Basically, McDonald’s has come back with their Reindeer Ready website, which lets you upload a picture of your front room, and then superimposes an image of a reindeer eating a plate of carrots on top of it. Get it up on your phone or tablet, take your photo et voila.

So, it looks like the reindeer is actually in your gaff, eating the carrots that you left out. How cool?!

Here’s a sneak of what it looks like, using my Christmas tree as a background.

Proving to be a big hit, some users reported issues with the website on Christmas Eve last year due to so many people trying to use it. So best get yours ahead of schedule.

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