Timbr - It's Like Tinder For... Trees


No I haven't completely lost the plot. And yes, you did read the title properly. In fact, when I was sent the press release I had to reread the intro several times. So there's this nice initiative happening next week in Ireland called ESB Tree Week (1st-8th March 2015). Its an annual event organised by the Tree Council of Ireland (supported by Coillte) and they hope to promote the planting and care of trees while also encouraging people like you and I to get up off our asses and engage in local green activities.

So in order to grab the attention of the millennials they've launched this very clever platform - Timbr - a tree matching site. Yep, you can get all 50 shades of green and find your tree love. People might think your barking mad but the site does link to some lovely national parks. I don't want to soil your experience, so get onto www.timbr.ie and play around - it leaves you feeling like you've got really great chemist-tree. (sorry for all the puns)


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Louise Johnston

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