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22nd Dec 2016

10 Top Tech Gifts To Buy Your Loved Ones This Christmas


Struggling to think of what to get your other half for Christmas? Think your dad needs to make the leap to the 21st century?

Check out these amazing new tech gift ideas which will send your loved ones crazy this festive season.

1) Amazon Echo – €179.99

Shutterstock 273962972

Credit: Shutterstock/George W Bailey

This new virtual home assistant can act as anything from a speaker to a personal secretary, and just looks really slick. Every home could have one of these in the near future, so you may as well get ahead of the pack. 

2) Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker – €110

We always head into Christmas with the best of intentions, so a variety of wearable exercise tech is always released to give you the best head start for your enthusiasm-filled January. The Fitbit Alta could be the perfect gift for your sporty friend or family member.

3) Apple iPhone 7 – €749.99

Shutterstock 485074438

Credit: Shutterstock/Anna Hoychuk

Ok, we know it’s expensive. And no, it doesn’t have a headphone jack. But what we can’t deny is that it is pure class. With Apple’s biggest rival offering the possibility of a surprise explosion with your new phone, this is the only option if you want to treat your loved one to a new top-of-the-range device. Or yourself.

4) Tile Mate – from €27

For all those forgetful fools like myself. The Tile Mate is getting smaller and smaller and is now the width of only two credit cards, and it helps you to relocate misplaced items – everything from keys to phones to purses.

5) GoPro HERO5 Session – €329.99

Shutterstock 393810034

Credit: Shutterstock/Maria Nelasova

Let’s face it, there really isn’t any point in going travelling these days unless you have a GoPro, and this is the latest and best version out there.

6) Playstation 4 Pro – €399.99

Shutterstock 402985780

Credit: Shutterstock/charnsitr

Don’t buy this for your boyfriend if you want to see much of him in the New Year, as this console combined with FIFA 17 and the new Call of Duty game will ensure he’s glued to the screen. He’ll love you for it if you do though.

7) Samsung Gear VR Headset – from €49.99

Virtual reality is the future of gaming, and you can hook this bad boy up to your Samsung smartphone to jump into the game. 

8) Amazon Fire Stick – €37

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Not necessarily the newest tech out there but the Fire Stick does have a new version available for only €37, for all your streaming needs. Great for watching all your favourite series and films, and now it comes with Amazon’s new Alexa voice control system.

9) iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot – €899.99

I hear ya, nine hundred quid for a hoover? Hear me out. This thing takes the misery out of vacuuming. All you have to do is flick a button on your phone and it cleans the floor for you. Perhaps if you’re feeling a bit flush this could be the way to go. But maybe you like the misery?

10) Mr. Coffee Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Coffee Maker  – €142

Mr Coffee Wifi Coffeemaker Smartphone 2016


We all know the feeling of having to get up in the morning in a cold house because you NEED coffee. Well, Mr. Coffee is here to make your life a little easier with this wi-fi enabled coffee machine, which allows you to get your fix straight from your smartphone!

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