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10th Jan 2019

WATCH: If You Can Make It Through The Disturbing Trailer For Upcoming Irish Horror Movie You’re Doing Well

James Fenton

Horror fans are in for a treat this spring with the release of Irish scarefest The Hole In The Ground starring Seána Kerslake of A Date For Mad Mary and Can’t Cope Won’t Cope fame. As for friends and family who aren’t into horror but will be dragged along regardless – you’re in our prayers.

The creepy flick is directed by Lee Cronin and stars Kerslake as Sarah, the mother of a young son (Chris) who is trying to escape a broken past only to find that a sinkhole near their new home is having frightening effects on her boy. Much paranoia and mistrust ensue as Sarah tries to discover the root of the disturbing changes.

The Hole In The Ground is scheduled to be released in cinemas on March 1 and if you’re not able to handle the trailer below, courtesy of Empire, then you might as well give it a miss.

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