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31st Oct 2017

Turns Out The iPhone Has Quietly Been Storing All Your Saucy Snaps In a Secret Folder

Megan Cassidy

Sometimes your smartphone is your own worst enemy. 

Like when you accidentally like your ex’s new girlfriend’s family skiing trip photo from 2004. (It’s TOO EASY to double tap on Instagram!) 

Well, turns out your iPhone has been shafting you in ways you didn’t even dream were possible. 

Twitter user @ellieeewbu has this week discovered that hidden within your iPhone photo album, is a secret album of all your saucy snaps. 

Don’t believe us? Go to your photos and search ‘Brassiere’, and there you will find your phone’s nifty little nudey section. 

While it may appear Apple has been plotting against us all this time, it turns out this is simply just a function built into the app since 2016 to sort photographs and also works for words such as ‘cat’ and ‘lego’. 

Apple explained back when they were adding the feature: 

Apple said at the time, ‘The Photos app makes it easy to find photos of an exact person, place, or thing. Advanced face recognition and computer vision technology lets you search your photos by who and what’s in them. ‘Photos recognizes scenes or specific objects in your photos, so you can search for things like dogs, mountains, or flowers.’

So now you know why your mountains have all been stored in one place… 

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