Boyzone Made A Fairly Big Announcement Yesterday

We can't wait to see their moves


With all this chat of our childhood pop heroes reuniting lately, we were wondering when the lads from Boyzone were gonna stick their heads over the parapet and cash in on nostalgia like the rest of them.

The wait was over yesterday when the lads made their announcement on Instagram.

All four of them will be taking part in BBC's Strictly Come Dancing Special in aid of the Children's In Need in London.

To be fair to them, they aren't making money from the show, but you could argue that this would set them up nicely for another UK and Irish tour.

We know they'll be kicking off their "final" tour called 'Thank you & Goodnight' later this month in London, but something tells me they'll be back.

Whatever the reason, fair play to the lads because they will definitely be put through their paces.

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Jennifer Cosgrove