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‘Derry Girls’ Creator Hints That A Movie Version Of The Show Could Be In The Works

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With series two of Derry Girlsset to begin just one week from now, excitement among fans is at fever pitch.

The anticipation of the return of Erin, Michelle et al to our screens is a testament to how popular the first series was and thankfully it looks like there could be plenty more of the zany bunch in our lives in the future.

When questioned on the possibility of a feature-length movie based on the Channel 4 sitcom, writer Lisa McGee is quoted as saying “I would love to, I think! The 90-minute thing sort of terrifies me, but I’m sure if I could find a structure and a story that worked, yeah, I’d love to give it a crack.”

If McGee’s previous work is anything to go by we’re sure she could knock out a hilarious Derry Girls movie script in no time at all. In the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with the second series, the trailer of which you can view below.

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