One Extremely Awkward Scene On First Dates Ireland Had The Whole Country Scratching Their Heads

Please make it stop

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There was confusion and there was awkwardness. Watching at home you didn't know where to look or what to think so you just sat there quietly with your fingers covering your eyes, still peeping out to see the outcome.

These two were one of the first guests on the brand new series of 'First Dates Ireland' and their date was going disastrous.

She is from Cork, he's from Kerry and there was awkward silences, eyerolls and 'forgotten' names on the date.

The girl said that her body language was a big giveaway, if she didn't fancy someone, you'd know about it straight away.

And even the most clueless of people could have read her body language on the show.

Her face was like a bulldog chewing a bee for most of the date, she wasn't impressed and it looked like she just couldn't wait for the date to be over.

And in fairness to the Kerry lad, he picked up on this immediately and was just like 'she doesn't fancy me, it's grand, move on'.

They weren't a match, fair enough, ball burst, game over.


It got down to the class "would you like to see each other again question" and the Kerry lad with confidence said: "I don't quite think I was what she was looking for"...


We totally agree, someone shouldn't have to be throwing themselves all over you to indicate that they fancy you but the faces she was pulling and the way she had been acting during the date did not give any indication that she was interested at all.

Well that's what we think. Did she look interested? Did we miss the signs? Let us know in the comments.

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