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The Graham Norton Show Is On Our Screens Tonight But Not As We Know It

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The Graham Norton Show has featured some of the most famous people in the world over the years with the likes of Hillary Clinton, George Clooney and even the O’Donovan brothers all cosying up on the sofa at one point or another.

However, aside from all the glitz and glamour, sometimes the biggest stars of the BBC 1 chat show are those who appear on the Big Red Chair telling their most embarrassing stories. The anecdotes often leave guests either completely speechless or in stitches of laughter.

If you’re a fan of the feature, you be pleased to know that a special edition of the programme dedicated to the swinging prop will air tonight on Virgin Media One. Graham Norton’s Big Red Chair will show all the best bits as the Corkman fills us in on how it came to be.

The show originally aired last year and gets underway tonight at 11.15pm. Will Ed Sheeran’s neglected childhood mate feature? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

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