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Netlfix Paid An Eye-Watering Amount Of Money So You Can Keep Watching Friends In 2019

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There’s been a serious amount of rumours flying around this week regarding the fate of Friends on Netflix.

First we heard that it was leaving the streaming site for good and everyone panicked about what we were meant to watch instead while hungover on a Sunday.

Then Netflix calmed all our fears by confirming that Friends would in fact be staying put for at least another year.

But it’s now being reported that this didn’t come cheap for them in the slightest.

The New York Times claims that Netflix paid a staggering $100 million (around €88 million) to keep the show for 2019 – a whole lot more than the $30 million they paid to license the show the first time around.

They said that this is ‘according to two people with direct knowledge of the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to discuss details of the deal’.

It’s thought Warner Media charged Netflix a much bigger sum this time around since they’re reportedly planning to start their own streaming services in the future.

We’re sure people will be eternally grateful this Christmas when it comes to choosing their next Netflix binge.

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