WATCH: The Den's Old Valentine's Sketch Is The Greatest Love Story Since Romeo And Juliet

An emotional rollercoaster

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It seems like a long time since Dustin and Soky roamed the halls of RTÉ and to be honest Montrose is a worse place for it.

When Zig and Zag finally left The Den and headed back to Zog, they left some fairly big shoes to fill and their replacements stepped in admirably during the early part of the millennium.

For the week that's in it, RTÉ have shared a brilliant hark back to a Valentine's Day sketch which aired in 2004 and features the pair playing Cupid for their co-host Francis Boylan. In the clip, Pamela Flood is the object of poor Francis' affections and after a few stumbling blocks, it all leads up to a happier ending than Bridget Jones.

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If you've got eight minutes to spare, the whole clip can be watched here. Tissues at the ready.

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