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04th Feb 2020

A lot of people think Callum made a name blunder in Casa Amor

Darragh Murphy

Callum in Casa Amor

It’s all going on in Casa Amor.

Someone’s head is bound to turn now that the Love Island boys have made the short trip over to Casa Amor in the ultimate test of couples’ strength on the reality dating show.

Perhaps the biggest shock so far of Casa Amor has been the apparent willingness of Callum to get to know someone other than Shaughna.

New girl Molly has most definitely caught the eye of Callum, who admitted that he found the new blonde attractive.

It was the moment that he confided in fellow islander, Finn, about his attraction to Molly that became a talking point among viewers as as many felt that he accidentally referred to Molly as ‘Molly-Mae’, one of the stars of the last series of Love Island.

Several viewers took to social media to suggest that Callum had tripped over his words.

While it’s altogether possible that Callum did make a mistake with Molly’s name, a more likely explanation has since emerged.

It’s been pointed out that Callum, who has quite a strong Manchester accent, ends most of his sentences with the word “me” and he could well have said “I’m not even joking every time I look at Molly, me, I’m like…” rather than “I’m not even joking every time I look at Molly-Mae, I’m like…”

We hope he didn’t say “Molly-Mae” anyway because Tommy Fury is not a man whose girlfriend you would want to discuss, even accidentally.

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