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11th Jan 2020

Family Feud Popeye misunderstanding instantly goes viral

Darragh Murphy

Family Feud Popeye

One Family Feud contestant’s hilarious Popeye misunderstanding has seen her earn some unwanted viral attention.

It is the confidence with which Eve Dubois celebrated her Family Feud Popeye answer that most amused viewers who were watching Family Feud Canada this week.

With $10,000 up for grabs, host Gerry Dee asked members of competing families to name Popeye’s favourite food.

Eve was first on the buzzer and she didn’t so much answer “chicken” as she sang it, before breaking into a celebratory dance.

Every single person in the studio was aware that Eve’s answer was incorrect, except for Eve herself.

It wasn’t until the point that she glanced back at her family, expecting approval, that she realised her mistake.

Granted his attempt to answer the question, Eve’s opponent calmly took his opportunity to say “spinach”, which was of course the number one answer and compounded Eve’s misery.

“I thought you meant Popeye’s Chicken,” Eve clarified, insisting that she believed the question referred to the popular American southern fried chicken chain.

While Eve’s confidence denied her the chance to play for $10,000, she has instead had to settle for viral fame for one of the most hilarious moments in recent game show history.

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