10 Of The Greatest, Most Legendary Moments Ever From 'The Late Late Toy Show'

By Sarah

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


The people’s favourite time of year is finally upon us, what we have all been counting down the days for, some fanatics have possibly even lost sleep over the excitement: it's The Late Late Toy Show

Every year we eagerly wait to see what new toys are on the lucky kids of today’s wish list and keep our eyes peeled for the one child who is sure to go off script on live television and make Ryan Tubridy hustle for his paycheque.

Who knows what as-of-yet unsung heroes this year's show will bring us, but in the meantime we take a look at the top 10 legendary moments that have made the Toy Show the pure and utter shameful delight that it is.

10. Pat Kenny destroying tickets to the Toy Show

Take a trip down memory lane to that time that Pat Kenny ripped up two tickets to the Toy Show live on the Late Late. 

Why would he do that to those precious gold dust tickets?! Well you can blame the Lady Grinch who turned her nose up at them after he phoned up to say she had won a shopping spree and two tickets to the Toy Show

Lesson learned to never ever refuse Toy Show tickets.

9. When it all got too much for Toby

Never meet your heroes children. 

Poor Toby learned this the hard way while enjoying the limelight singing a song by his favourite band, Girls Aloud. What he wasn’t expecting was for the girls themselves to jump out onto the stage. 

You may think Toby shed tears of joy, but no, they were tears of fear and disappointment. We hope you get your time to shine one day, Toby!

8. Danny from The Script showing off

Another example of why children meeting their idols on live television is never a good idea. Case in point: Danny from The Script leaving an unsuspecting little boy hanging after an attempted fist bump. 

We have it on good authority that the boy never tried to greet someone with a fist bump ever again – you should be ashamed of yourself Danny.

7. He will find the toys, and he will play with them

Long before his Taken days and super sexy baddie-finding skills, Liam Neeson graced our screens in 1997 to shoot the breeze with Toy Show favourite host Gay Byrne. 

The two chatted about Liam’s favourite toys and there may or not have been a swarm of Irish mammies rushing out to buy them the next day.  

6. Pat’s regal entrance

A true diva, Pat Kenny laughed in the face of danger with his dramatic entrance on the back of an elephant in 2002. He also laughed in the face of health and safety regulations.

5. When the '90s weren’t all good

The champions of Irish pop and holders of the key to every noughties girl’s heart, Boyzone weren’t always as cool as they seemed. Case in point: their 1993 Toy Show appearance which saw some of the worst synchronised dance moves that have ever been danced. Ever. 

There are no words for this, Ronan and co.

4. The lone non-Belieber

Just when you thought the whole world had turned into Beliebers, a beacon of light came in the form of a little girl in 2011. 

Tubridy tried to get down with the kids and asked the girl if she was a fan of JB. Her answer? “No... because he’s so full of himself!” 

We wonder if she still resists his charm after all those recent bangers he’s dropped in the past year...

3. The kid who is still owed a fiver from the state

#JusticeForOisin was trending on Twitter in 2014 after train enthusiast Oisin, 8, confessed that he had sent Enda Kenny a letter which enclosed €5 to put the Dart Underground project into motion. 

Cue the nation in outrage after Oisin revealed that he never got that fiver back. Ah Enda, return the child’s pocket money.

2. What Not To Wear: Toy Show–style

Ireland’s very own Gok Wan, AKA young Douglas, stole the show in 2010 with his on-trend trilby hat. A boy with big dreams, he hoped to one day show his designs at Paris Fashion Week. 

Ryan Tubridy got his stylish seal of approval, with Douglas making the audiences evening when he told Tubridy: "You're certainly nailing the Christmas look, I have to say”.

1. John Joe – the boy who made time for clocks

The number one spot will always go to our horology-loving little legend John Joe Brennan. 

Dressed head-to-toe in tweed, John Joe started off by giving the most poetic literary review of Roald Dahl we’ve ever heard from anyone under the age of 45. When he revealed his fascination with clocks, well, he had us at clocks. 

Even Tubridy was amused when li'l John told him that his watch was “a very good make, I suppose, next to Rolex”.

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