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12th Jan 2020

New Louis Theroux documentary airs tonight

Darragh Murphy

Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux returns to our screens tonight with what sounds like one of his most interesting documentaries to date.

Selling Sex, the latest documentary from the BAFTA-winning Louis Theroux airs on BBC Two tonight, Sunday 12 January, at 9pm.

In the hour-long feature, Theroux speaks to women who are legally providing sexual services in the United Kingdom and ponders the ethical dilemma about whether sex should be traded for financial gain.

Speaking about Selling Sex, Theroux said: “I’m always drawn to stories that involve ethical wrinkles – issues that are deeply felt, but are also divisive, and in which good-hearted people can come to opposite conclusions. The debate around selling sex is exactly that kind of story.

“It is one of the most straightforward, yet complex interactions that can take place between two people. On the one hand, none of the activities taking place here are illegal; everything is above board and both parties have mutually agreed on the arrangement.

“On the other, it’s impossible to deny that for many – maybe most – people, there is something unsavoury in the idea of accepting money for an act that is so intimate. They have a problem with those who do it and see it as a symptom of a society that is controlled and dominated by men.”

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