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04th Feb 2020

The ultimate Friends pub quiz is coming to Waterford next week

Darragh Murphy

Think you know Monica’s biggest pet peeve or the phenomenon that scares the bejesus out of Chandler? Then this Friends pub quiz in Waterford could be for you.

The Riverside Cottage in Waterford is hosting ‘The Ultimate Friends Quiz’ on February 15 from 9.30pm and tickets are still available.

A prize of €100 will be awarded to the winning table on the night, while the cost of entry is €5 per person.

“If you think you know everything there is to know about every episode of the TV show Friends, then you might be interested in showing off your Friends binging knowledge,” a post on the official event listing reads.

“Could we BE anymore ready for this quiz?!

Friends pub quiz

“Mark the date in your diary and grab your pals – Saturday, February 15 at 9.30pm.

“Not only will the night be filled with questions about the six friends that we all know and love, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey, but there will also be prizes on offer with €100 for the winning table!”

It might be worth reminding yourself of Chandler Bing’s job just in case the Friends pub quiz goes to a deciding question…

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