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20th Jun 2017

TWEETS: The Entire Country Fell In Love With RTE Show ‘Too Old For The Road’ Last Night


First of all, being someone that can’t yet drive (I know, I know) I’m seriously impressed by anyone who can command a car and not crash into a wall.

So RTE’s show ‘Too Old For The Road’, which aired last night and featured Irish granny and grandads as old as 101 still behind the wheel was mindblowing for me.

Michael stole the quote of the show, telling cameramen “I can see a car in front of me… Lucky enough for you lads.”

Annie was an avid elderly Ugg boot wearer who can barely see over the wheel but keeps on going. 

Here’s the best of the reactions to this pure quality piece of TV from Twitter…

A preview of what to expect from this stellar documentary…

There was Joan, who at 86 was in court for speeding and covers up the scratches on her car with black poster paint…

John, a precious 101, drives an electric car as he hates to pollute the environment, he has an exercise bike in his sitting room and he said if he ever gives up driving, “I’d die very quickly.”

Seriously – if you haven’t watched this catch up on RTE Player <3

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