Twitter's New Stickers Are Set To Shake Things Up All Over Again On Social Media

Forget Snapchat's puppy ears, stickers are where it's at

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Twitter has gone and announced yet another new feature, and this one bears a pretty big resemblance to Snapchat filters.

But Twitter are calling them 'stickers'.

The stickers will work similarly to Snapchat filters in that you slide them over your photos and videos, but they'll function like hashtags. 

By clicking on a sticker you will be brought to a new feed – showing how people all around the world are using that same sticker in different ways.

You can search them and see what's trending. 

This new feature could be great for companies, they'll aid in reaching audiences even further.

Stickers are only the latest in a roll-out of changes that are transforming Twitter far beyond the 140-character text-based app it was. 

Pictures and video are everything to Twitter, and if Snapchat’s any indication, the more users get to do on top of those pictures and video, the more fun they’ll have. 

Because, at the end of the day, we're all basic and easily-amused at heart.

People are already getting pretty crafty. 

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