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25th Nov 2018

There Are Two Excellent Movies On The Box Tonight


The end of the weekend is nearly here and with it comes the weekly dose of Sunday night fear.

It’s possibly the worst feeling of the week, which is why a day on the couch watching tv and eating takeaway are essential for fighting the fear.

If you find yourself in the middle of another duvet and looking for something to watch then you need to check out these two movies on tonight.

John Tucker must die is naughties romcom gold about a guy who tries to date three girls at a time. Needless to say he fails, hilariously so.

Catch it tonight at on Comedy Central at 7 pm.

But that’s not the best movie on tonight.

The brilliant White Chicks is on tonight on Comedy Central at 9 pm.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please, please do. I promise you,you won’t be disappointed.

What’s even better is you can watch both of these films back to back. You don’t even have to change the channel.

The ultimate lazy Sunday.

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