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03rd Apr 2018

Two Irish Lads Have Made It Onto A List Of Tinder’s 30 Most Successful Daters


Jaysus, we give out about online dating enough but you’ve gotta admit that Tinder can be a real help for getting back on the scary horse that is meeting strangers for a date. 

While we’d consider a few matches a week to be fairly successful, it’s nothing compared to two Irish guys who are officially among some of the dating app’s most successful users. 

An article published on Cosmopolitan shows that two lucky lads made a list of the UK and Ireland’s top 30 most-swiped Tinder users. 

Intrigued? Or just curious to see if you too, have swiped right on these boys?

One is Brian, a 28-year-old Irish dancer from Tipp. 

Tinder bio: “Southern-Irish guy. Dancer in Riverdance and have travelled the world touring. Now teach kids. Primary-school teaching degree with German. Model. Love all sports; athletics, football, tennis. Animal lover – especially dogs!”


Image: ANTONIO PETRONZIO (Cosmopolitan)

And then we have Peter, a post-grad student in Manchester who’s 24.

Tinder bio: Irish Citizen with a British accent. If you need an EU passport without arousing the suspicions of your Brexit family, I’m your man. Dog ownership a plus. References available upon request.”


Image: ANTONIO PETRONZIO (Cosmopolitan)

Fair play to them. 

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