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08th Jul 2018

21 Hilarious Videos From Foil Arms & Hog Guaranteed To Make You Snort Like A Pig


If you’ve never encountered the comedy of Foil Arms and Hog, we pity you.

With more than half a million followers on Facebook alone, the trio of jokesters prove with their weekly video uploads that they really know how to tickle the nation’s funny bone.

Their videos range from educational guides on how not to behave to recreations of typical Irish family scenes to spot on parodies of TV ads.

And, without fail, they manage to make us laugh out loud.

So if you’re in need of a big ol’ chuckle right now, simply dive in this long list of hilarious vids from the ever-brilliant Foil Arms and Hog…

‘How To Be Late For Work’

‘Leaving Cert Nightmare’

‘How Not To Offend People’

‘Craft Beer Knob’

‘How Not To Tell A Story’

‘Learning To Drive With Your Parents’

’50 Irish Towns in One Conversation’

‘The Family Holiday’

‘Watching TV With Your Parents’

‘Never Take An Irish Person Literally’

‘U. S. Immigration’

‘How To Say Sorry Without Saying Sorry’

‘Sensodine Commercial Parody’

‘WTF Is Brexit?’

‘The World Is F**ked’

‘The Ryanair Song’

‘How To Pretend You Are Listening’

‘A Kerryman Gives Directions’

‘Working For Free’

‘When Parents Have Visitors’

‘Irish Lad On J1 Chats Up American Girl’

Is this list missing one of your favourite videos from the trio? Let us know in the comments.

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