Behind the Scenes of LEGO The Movie


Released last summer, LEGO The Movie was a huge hit in the box office taking in a whopper £34.3 million and earning the top ranking across Ireland and the UK. And let's be honest, the movie was full of childhood nostalgia and also told an epic tale of LEGO man Emmet who is expected to embark on a quest to save the world after being mistaken for "The Special" one.

They did an amazing job of creating a movie that looks like a real LEGO set had come to life. Thousands of man hours went into the production and the entire movie was made using CGI, but the design process made it appear like stop-motion. Every single brick seen in the movie was animated and built brick-by-brick to replicate real LEGOs as much as possible.

Warner Bros have just released this behind the scenes video which explains all this in detail to celebrate their no.1 ranking in 2014.


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Louise Johnston

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