Here Are TIME Magazine's 10 Best Movies Of 2016 So Far

Two Irish movies managed to make the cut

Sing Street

We may be only halfway through the year but TIME magazine has already compiled a list of 2016's best movies – and we're delighted to see two Irish flicks made the list.

John Carney's musical-comedy Sing Street was included, as was absurd comedy The Lobster starring Colin Farrell and filmed primarily in Sneem, County Kerry.

A few of these movies are still being shown at your local cinema, so plan your next trip to the pictures accordingly.

1. The Witch

2. Zootopia

3. Midnight Special

4. Krisha

5. Born To Be Blue

6. Everybody Wants Some!!

7. Sing Street

8. The Jungle Book

9. The Lobster

10. The Nice Guys

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