These Irish Lads Went On An Epic Irish Road Trip

These 6 lads decided to rent a campervan and take a tour round Ireland and it's class.

16 counties. 7 days. 1 video. That's what John McLoughlin and his five mates got up to when they decided to rent a camper and head around Ireland and take in what the country has to offer.


Granted the weather wasn't too great for the 6 lads, but that didn't get them down and they made the most of what they had and the video shows that. If six lads can have this much craic, as said by McLoughlan himself "the craic was 90" imagine what you could do with two weeks travelling around our Emerald Isle. Fair play to the lads for this and we hope this will inspire more people to do the same! Even if you just have a few days off work and a few friends in a camper, why the hell not? It looked like great fun!

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