New York Beautifully Captured In Stop-Motion Video


I'm completely obsessed with stop-motion at the moment. With all the various tech being used to create videos, it's nice to see an old method of media rising to the top again.

Photographer Ynon Lan visited New York for the first time this year and while he walked about the bustling city, he took hundreds of photos. He did what every amateur and professional photographer does while they're there - he took photos of brownstone doorways, the famous yellow cab taxis, Starbucks signs and New Yorkers making their way through their day. He recorded background and ambient sounds on location too. After he compiled all the images beautifully into a video as if they were one flowing motion.

Ynon used a Canon 550D and edited on Premiere and After Effects to achieve this stunning video in it's final cut.

Watch - Still NYC


behind the scenes shots


behind the scenes shots

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