Speedriding- the Most Insane Extreme Sport Ever


Cover your eyes if you're scared of heights cause these adrenaline junkies live for speedriding- the parachute gliding and skiing hybrid sport. The mechanic to this insane extreme sport is that they must jump out of a helicopter, parachute past towering mountaintops and then land on an untouched piece of terrain only to ski to the base of the mountain if possible.

Red Bull yesterday released this promo video for the documentary The Unrideables: Alaska Range. The documentary features one of the world's best experts on human flight, Jon DeVore and his team of equally crazy elite aerial athletes to evolve speedriding in North America's most remote mountain environment. The full-length documentary will be released later this January in the US and available to buy in February. Certainly not for the faint hearted.

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Louise Johnston

With experience in the Irish FMCG industry LoJo has previously worked for global brands such as Bacardi and Red Bull. She can be described as a passionate infomaniac with an innate flare for brands, marketing and tech trends.