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This Is The One April's Fools We Wish Wasn't Actually A Joke

By Sarah

April 1, 2017 at 2:34pm


There's some jokes you hear on April Fools day that you're SO glad aren't real (AKA pretty much every single one), but then there's the odd few that kinda hit your heart pretty hard when you realise you've been tricked.

Well, there's on particular joke cleverly released by discount site Groupon today that's causing a lot of people to question everything... And by everything you mean our entire integrity when it comes to being obsessed with 1. Trends, and 2. Being lazy AF and getting pampered.

Seriously, people really, really, wish this Groupon deal was real. Behold:

Luxury gin sauna experience at Skin & Tonic - relax and get squiffy

"We’ve teamed up with June Iper, the creative director at London-based spa, Skin & Tonic, to create a gin inspired wellness experience. Instead of regular steam, the water used is infused with a high quality gin that contains botanicals including coriander seeds, orris root and cassia bark"

During the diviiine experience, customers will wear a fresh zesty lemon eye mask and be served ice-cold tonic water in balloon glasses. 

The Groupon deal continues, toying with our emotions even further: "Far from Mother’s Ruin, this boozy bath will loosen up even the most stressed of customers.

"Cordelia Winthrop from Tunbridge Wells was the first customer to try out the spa experience. She commented: “As soon as I heard about the gin sauna, I knew it was for me. What’s better than drinking a G&T after a long day at work? I’ll tell you - inhaling it. I left the spa feeling revitalised and ready for another!”

This is honestly our dream treatment

Just think of how much joy this magnificent bundle would bring to your life if it was real. Ugh. 

You win today Groupon, you win.

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