Watch These People Save A Stranded Great White Shark

A Great White Shark Was Stranded On The Beach So These People Stepped In To Save It

The 7 foot male shark which washed up on shore when it was going after a seagull was today rescued after a number of people at a beach in Chatham, Massachusetts decided to take matters into their own hands. While waiting for backup a few people decided to fill up buckets of water and began to throw them over the shark.

Soon after a small boat, driven by Dr. Greg Skomal of the Division of Marine Fisheries and Chatham Harbormaster Stuart Smith, arrived and they soon attached a rope to the young shark.

As you can see from the video above they eventually got the shark out to sea. The second video below, which was posted by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy shows rescuers guiding the shark out to sea before being tagged and then released.

The group also shared a number of photos on their Instagram, which you can see below. It's nice to see humans working together for something good for once and this is definitely a happy story. Fair play to everyone involved in the rescue of that shark.

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