WATCH: This Video Of Foreigners Speaking About Ireland Will Have You Welling Up

"It's made me a more confident person..."

"It's made me more relaxed. More balanced."

"It's made me a more confident person."

"People all over the world come together here."

If you were ever in doubt about how welcoming a place Ireland is to visitors then you need to watch this video. 

Sent into us by Clara Baez Morandi, it showcases how immigrants to our nation have grown as people and the sense of community they have felt since living here.

Clara told us:

It is a tribute I made to the country, as I genuinely love it and feel so lucky to have spent 2 amazing years of my life there."

From us to you, Clara, the pleasure is all ours. 

Of course, one or two participants mention the weather but there's not much we can do about that. 

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