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24th Feb 2018

Viewers At Home All Laughed At The Same Thing About This ITV Panel Before The Ireland V Wales Match


Before the high drama of the Ireland v Wales match commenced today, there was a little bit of comedy to loosen up the folks at home — at least for ITV viewers.

Viewers at home were sent into fits of hysterical giggles when they were treated to a little pre-match analysis this afternoon from Martin Bayfield, Shane Williams and Gordon D’Arcy, before Ireland went on to become victorious in the thrilling clash.

You see the humour wasn’t found in the actual commentary, that was all perfectly fine, the funniness was a purely physical thing: the seemingly absurd height difference between Bayfield and his two fellow experts.

Try not to laugh now…

Seriously though, how did no one behind the scenes see this before it went on air?! 

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