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PIC: This Is How Americans Describe The Different Counties In Ireland

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Sure, we can understand how someone outside of Ireland might find it hard to remember all the counties in Ireland.

To be honest, if you asked us to name all the counties in two minutes, we’d forget one or two too.

As any person obsessed with retaining ‘memory’ will tell you, it’s much easier to remember something if you associate it with something else.

And that’s what this map in Portland, Oregon does.

American Map Counties

The image, which was shared on Reddit, explains how Dublin = Guinness and stag dos, Kerry = that famous dolphin and how there’s some ‘weird looking rocks’ in the north.

Belfast is ‘scary’, Louth = the corrs (Steve Staunton will be disappointed here) and Mayo = next stop America.

The midlands is all just defined as being known for ‘sheep’ while their neighbouring counties in the south are “mostly bogs”.

What should your county say on this map? Let us know in the comments.

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