Still Have Or Ever Had Braces? You Should Be Extremely Worried About This Happening

Braces wearers past and present, this is now your worst fear

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I am happy to say that I never had braces growing up. I got a few teeth knocked out playing football and replacing them was painful enough so I can't even imagine the torture those who had braces must have gone through.

But, once it's over and you suffer your few years of pain, you come out with a straight and shiny set of gnashers and that's the end of the suffering.

Right? Well, not for this woman in Australia.

She had a piece of dental wire removed from her small intestine despite the fact that she had her braces off a decade ago.

The woman - in her 30s - went to her local hospital down under and complained about cramping and serious abdominal pain. The doctors thought the pain might have been related to the woman's gallbladder and it eased off for a while and she was released from hospital.

However, less than two days later, she got the pain back again and it had gotten even worse. A CT scan discovered that some sort of object had punctured her small intestine (between stomach and large intestine) in several places.

They thought it might have been a wishbone and asked the woman if she had swallowed anything lately, but she had not.

Eventually, doctors found that the puncture had been caused by a seven-centimetre piece of wire from her braces which had damaged her bowel.

Now, that's a little nightmare story that will leave you in fear of the same thing happening to you.

And, if you don't believe us, the full report from the hospital on the matter can be found here.

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