VIDEO: Kerry Captain Lets Out Brutal Curse In TG4 Interview Blunder

The awkwardness...

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While Tyrone v Monaghan is the main course of the GAA dish on Sunday in Croker, Kerry and Monaghan Minors faced off in the opener in GAA HQ.

Kerry looked to be cruising to victory against their Northern opposition but the boys from Big Tom country put in a rocket of a performance and managed to pull the game back to give the Kingdom a nervous last few minutes.

But Kerry held out and managed a two-point win and will face Galway in the final

Kerry 1-16 Monaghan 2-11 was the scoreline and Kerry Captain and man of the match, Paul O'Shea was called up for a post-match interview.

He was congratulated and was asked "how satisfying was it to find those scores to be able to close off the game."

He didn't think too much about the answer and said the first thing that came into his head, which just happened to include a curse word...

Ah Ref, a fantastic and popular Twitter page which discusses all things GAA shared the clip and brilliantly captioned it: "Cupla fuckel."

O'Shea replies to the question by saying:

"We knew Monaghan would be tough and we fucking..."

He realises he made boo-boo and let's out a giddy laugh before completely losing the run of himself.

It's easy happen, Paul, it just normally doesn't happen us on live television.

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