Every Lad Should Make The Effort That Prince Harry Is Making For Meghan Markle On Valentine's Day

This is a cute gesture

Prince Harry July

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and while most couples are sweating trying to come up with ideas for the big day, Prince Harry has got it sorted.

Although he is in the Arctic Circle meeting the Royal Marines for most of the day, Harry is still surprising his wife after almost a year of marriage.

Royal spokesperson, Loni Love said that:

"Kensington Palace has announced Prince Harry has an event on February 14 that will take him out of the country entirely. He is the Captain-General of the Royal Marines for the UK.

"He will have to leave on February 14 to head 200 miles south of the Arctic circle. He has to oversee the training of the Royal Marines. The good thing is that is just during the day."

"He could charter a flight back so he could be there with her in the evening. I think that’s what he’s going to do."

Some, however, don't believe that Meghan and Harry's marriage is as smooth sailing as it's made out to be.

Apparently, Prince Harry got this very serious warning before marrying the former actress.

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