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30th Jan 2020

‘Spot the difference’ challenge from Gardai drives social media followers mad

Darragh Murphy

There are few things as frustrating as a tricky ‘Spot the difference’ challenge and those who run social media for An Garda Siochana have truly outdone themselves with this effort.

On Wednesday evening, two seemingly identical images were tweeted out by the official Garda account and their followers were asked to spot the differences.

“Below are two photos of our Tetris Challenge,” they tweeted. “Can you spot the eight differences in the pictures?”

Gardai Spot the Difference challenge

We took the time to examine the image closely but frustration soon set in and for those of you who were unable to spot all eight differences but are determined to keep trying, you will have to wait until later this evening for the answers to be revealed.

We, of course, cheated and went straight to the replies where some of the differences were spotted by followers.

One tweeted: “Bale and 2 leads next to horse box. That’s it, my eyes are too old to see the rest.”

Another follower responded: “I only found two, but these are fun. Please post more.”

“Got four, up for work at 5am, let me know,” a third added.

How many did you manage to find?

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