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12th Apr 2018

WATCH: Vogue Williams Accidentally Reveals Sex Of Baby Live On Air

Darragh Berry

We must say that Brendan O’Connor is very much at home in his new spot on Wednesday nights hosting ‘Cutting Edge’ on RTÉ One.

O’Connor previously held a chat show on Saturday night on the same channel but it was replaced by The Ray D’arcy Show but since then, O’Connor has gone from strength to strength.

‘Cutting Edge’ talks about everything that’s relevant in the media on the week in question whether it’s a hard hitting topic or something as trivial as a funny, viral piece of content that’s made everyone laugh.

One of the guests last night was Broadcaster and DJ Vogue Williams who talked about social influencer and working out while pregnant to name a few topics and it was on the subject of working out while carrying a baby where Williams was caught out rotten.

She explained that: “Yeah, I’m training five or six times a day much to the dismay of a lot of people.

“If I put a training video up, I could have a message saying, ‘you shouldn’t be training’, but it’s healthy for me to do it during my pregnancy, especially since I trained before.

“I’m not eating for two people, my baby is the size of a baby tomato.”

O’Connor spotted his chance and took it, asking Williams: “Is he happy in there right now on television?”

If Williams says nothing, she’s away with it, but her answer meant the secret was out…

“Yeah, he’s delighted with himself,” she states before putting her head in her hands. O’Connor confirms, “so, it’s a boy” and Williams jokes it off stating: “or it could be a girl, is it too late now?”

Yes Vogue, yes it is. Congratulations all the same. 

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