WATCH: Americans are discovering the healing properties of Lucozade thanks to this viral video

By Sarah Finnan

May 15, 2020 at 1:08pm


This video of two little lads loling over a bottle Lucozade will brighten your whole day.

Who loves orange soda? Judging by this video, these little lads certainly do though it's sparked quite a ferocious debate online as to what the drink is actually called.

Fiercely loyal to the "high glucose rocket fuel", Irish people have been piping up in the comments to say that it is not 'orange soda' but Lucozade.

Described by one as "the elixir of life", ask any Irish mammy and they'll tell you that a bottle of Lucozade (or flat 7up) and a slice of toast will leave you right as rain - no matter the ailment. Chickenpox? Broken bone? Stomach bug? It's a one size fits all kind of treatment... and maybe it's the placebo effect, but it generally seems to work too.

Some aren't so convinced that there's just Lucozade in the bottle but as we've learned over the past few weeks, isolation will do strange things to a person and soon even a fizzy drink can seem like the funniest thing in the world.

Laughter is contagious though as they say and I dare you to watch this and keep a straight face. I'll bet you a tenner you can't.

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