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13th Dec 2019

WATCH: Chris O’Dowd surprised locals in the Kingdom and gave them a spin to the pub

Sarah Finnan

Locals down in Kerry were left surprised when Hollywood actor Chris O’Dowd showed up to give them a lift to the pub. Part of a campaign by Guinness, the aim is to provide a safe and sociable option to get to and from the pub.

Starting down in the Kingdom, the idea came about when a group of publicans got together with their customers to buy a community car.

Why? To set up a rota of locals who would offer to drive people to and from the pub. Sound. Out.

As a countrywoman myself, from the back-arse of nowhere (I mean there’s grass growing down the middle of the “road” to my house), I know what a pain it can be to try to organise transport after a night out. So, this really is ingenious.

Hoping to combat any sense of isolation in the community due to a lack of good public transport, the initiative has snowballed and is now part of a nationwide campaign with the lovable Rossie getting on board too. Literally.

Speaking on the matter, Faha Court Pub owner Sean O’Mahony said: “Socialising is the fabric that knits our community in Faha together, and fewer people meeting up in a social setting began to impact the atmosphere in the area. We knew something had to be done, so we bought a community car, set up a dedicated mobile number and asked people to volunteer to drive their friends and neighbours to and from the pub.”

Every day from 5pm to closing time, over 70 volunteer drivers through Causeway and Faha have signed up to give their friends and family a lift to their local. Anyone over the age of 25, with a valid license, can sign up and give a hand.

Chris was first added to the group chat before getting behind the wheel as a volunteer driver.

Watch the video for ultimate hilarity.

Chris O’Dowd; some man for one man.

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