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31st May 2021

WATCH: Courteney Cox recreates “The Routine” with Ed Sheeran in place of David Schwimmer

James Fenton

Over 21 years after The Routine was introduced to Friends fans, one half of the iconic Geller duo has brought it back to life.

The One with the Routine was the 131st episode of Friends, first airing on December 16 1999, and for many fans it’s among the most memorable. The episode sees siblings Ross (David Schwimmer) and Monica (Courteney Cox) Geller resurrect their high school dance routine in order to get on TV and, well, the performance is not something fans would ever forget easily.

Given all the hype of the Friends reunion over the past week, it’s only right that the routine comes back to life and Cox has answered fans’ prayers – with the help of Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran took to Instagram to share a clip of himself and Cox getting into The Routine and it’s already been viewed nearly six million times at the time of writing. He captioned the post ‘Had a reunion of our own this weekend #theroutine#iknow #friends4eva #obviouslybetterthanross’ and you can judge for yourself whether he is actually better than Monica’s big brother by checking out the clip below…

Nice effort Ed but we want Ross!

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