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29th Jul 2021

WATCH: Irish comedian explains the intricacies of Love Island to David Schwimmer

Fiona Frawley

It’s a sentence I never saw myself writing, but true nonetheless.

Aisling Bea has been consistently dazzling at comedy gigs and on panel shows  over the past ten years, but recently shot right up to national treasure status after the country fell in love with her show This Way Up (series 2 out now pals).

This Way Up is equal parts heartwarming and hilarious in typical Irish fashion. As soon as you’re about to tenderly weep for main charater Aine she’ll hit you with a painfully gas one-liner, subtly reminding you that the show will never take itself too seriously.

But enough about that, here’s a vid of Aisling acting out the riding that goes on under duvets on Love Island, while a bewildered David Schwimmer looks on.

David’s reaction is actually pretty similar to mine was when I first heard about the concept of Love Island.




We can really picture Ross Geller on Love Island to be fair. He’d be in the corner talking about how nice guys finish last, explaining how plenty of dinosaurs ‘moved mad’ back in their day and reassuring Hugo that he and Georgia were on a break.

You can binge season 2 of This Way Up now. 

Header image via Instagram/Aisling Bea 

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