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30th Nov 2018

WATCH: One Of The Derry Girls Has Shared A Gas Experience She Had In An Uber

James Fenton

One of the great things about the introduction of Channel 4 sitcom Derry Girls earlier this year (apart from the brilliant writing and stellar cast) is that the wider world has been exposed to the Twitter account of Nicola Coughlan.

The actress who plays Clare Devlin in the hit series is always on hand with either a funny comment about topical affairs, some wise words on a political issue, or just a general insight into the gas things she comes across in her life as a TV star.

Yesterday, Nicola discovered just how big a star she is while taking an Uber driven by man who was so curious about her glam career that he took to checking out an ad for Derry Girls while taking his well-known passenger home.

Of course, some commenters pointed out that he shouldn’t have been doing this behind the wheel but it does appear he was stopped before leaning in to take a good look.

That’s how you know you’ve made it, Nicola.

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