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14th May 2020

WATCH: Penneys shares funny TikTok of what happens when no one’s around

Sarah Finnan


Ask Irish people what they’re missing these days and Penneys is guaranteed to make the list – it may not be the first or second thing mentioned but it’s definitely in the top 10 and there are more than a few sad shoppers around the country eagerly waiting for them to reopen their doors.

Rumours began swirling that that could be sooner than expected when a fake message from the retailer was circulated online, but customers’ hopes were swiftly dashed as a spokesperson for the chain dubbed them completely false.

However, with over 200 stores worldwide (the figure isn’t far off the 300 mark) one might wonder what goes on when no one else is around. Hopping aboard the viral TikTok train, staff at the Essen Primark branch in Germany have shared behind-the-scenes footage of what happens when the shop is empty and it reminds us of a scene you’d expect to see in Toy Story.

Or perhaps that Father Ted episode where the priests get lost in Ireland’s largest lingerie section.

Even the Penneys mannequins are bored in the house, in the house bored.

The second Penneys video to entertain us this week, theirs comes after Dublin comedian Enya Martin of Giz A Laugh fame, penned a letter to her favourite shop. Setting the video to the tune of Eminem’s Stan, the clip even caught the attention of some of the Penney’s bigwigs who reshared the video on their own social media – assuring us that they’re working hard to get back up and running soon.

We can’t bloody wait.

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