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01st Mar 2018

WATCH: Rogue Stranger Pelts Snowballs At TV3 Newsreader And FINALLY Succeeds


It’s official: people are getting cabin fever after being cooped up inside for oh, a couple hours now. The snow is showing no signs of stopping and we’ve all gone a little kooky. 

There’s no good movies on the telly until this evening and we’ve eaten half of our supplies already, so who’s to say we can’t entertain ourselves?

Unfortunately for poor Aisling Ni Choisdealbh, a TV3 newsreader in Kildare, she happened to be on the receiving end of this entertainment. While broadcasting live, a sneaky fella attempted to engage her in a snowball fight not once but TWICE. 

The first effort was a brave but misjudged throw that was waaaaaay off target…

Honestly, would the camera man not have tried to give a little warning? Lucky going that the wind blew this poor throw straight off. 

But our rogue snow attacker came back for more! Swooping in under the cover of eh, extreme brightness, he manages to smush one right on her head.

Yikes. We have to admit, this is funny. He gets her in big snowball-y squish and we’re just glad that the newsreader has a wooly hat on as protection. 

The pure cheek. Does anyone know if Aisling got him back after the cameras stopped rolling?

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