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24th Nov 2018

WATCH: Shane Lynch Had A NSFW Reaction To THAT Boyone Late Late Clip


The lads from Boyzone were on the Late Late Show last night ahead of their farewell tour which kicks off in London tomorrow night.

Their interview started with a live performance of their new single, but only Ronan Keating, Mikey Graham and Keith Duffy were there to perform as Shane Lynch arrived late.

When they moved on to the couch, things got a bit awkward.

Shane explained he was late due to a long day of filming in the UK.

Losing no time, Ryan showed the lads a clip of their very first appearance on the Late Late Show.

If you don’t remember it, feast your eyes on this ’90s gem.

While the audience found it funny, Shane took umbrage with it and took no time expressing how he felt.

After the not so savoury language from Lynch, the lads performed their hit Love Me For A Reason.

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