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13th Mar 2023

WATCH: The entire Oscars audience sang Happy Birthday to this Irish actor last night

Fiona Frawley

the stars of short film An Irish Goodbye on stage at the Oscars

This will likely go down in Oscars history.

Following the losses of Barry Keoghan and Brendan Gleeson for Best Supporting Actor, and Kerry Condon for Best Supporting Actress, it was looking like it wouldn’t be a great night for the Irish nominees at the 95th Academy Awards.

Then came the award for Best Live Action Short, for which An Irish Goodbye took home the award. Directors Tom Berkely and Ross White took to the stage to collect their awards, but ended up using most of their time on stage to point out that James Martin, one of the stars of the movie, was also celebrating his birthday.

And not to stop there, Berkely and White then wrangled the star-filled Oscars crowd to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ just for Martin. The moment was caught by The Los Angeles Times by their prime position inside the Dolby Theatre:

And here’s a close up for good measure (it’s the kind of moment you need captured from all angles):

The entire Oscars audience joined in singing Happy Birthday to James.

If you’ve yet to watch An Irish Goodbye, you can actually check it out on the RTE Player (within Ireland) right here.

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