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05th Jul 2017

WATCH: The Irish Accent In This Air New Zealand Is Hilariously Shocking

James Fenton

It’s all eyes on New Zealand this weekend as the British and Irish Lions rugby side attempt to defeat the mighty All Blacks and clinch a rare series victory. 

It’s not just this part of the world where people are excited and Air New Zealand has posted an ad today for the week that’s in it.

The clip features a pride of lions (geddit?) being voiced with English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish accents and it’s the Irish one which has really made us chuckle. 

What do you think?

“Do ye tink dey’ll give us an upgrade?”

To be fair, that is what most Irish people would say. Our New Zealand accents aren’t exactly anything to write home about either. 

Sure, ’tis all in good fun. 

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