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04th May 2021

WATCH: This guy explains “the identity crisis of Bray” in hilarious video

Lynda Keogh

Meditations for the Anxious Mind aka Frankie McNamara is hands down one of the wittiest lads in social media right now.

Are you from Bray or know someone from Bray? Well this is a GAS video for you!!

In this carousel video montage, McNamara attempts to answer some long-standing questions we all have about Bray… Is it in Dublin? Is it in Wicklow? It really is a fine line. What exactly is Little Bray? We learn that Little Bray is essentially “Bray with a Napoleon Complex”.

Get the notebook out, there are some interesting facts* to be learned about this town.

Hitting the nail on the head, straight out of the gate, the self-proclaimed toxic spirit guide lays it out for us – “Bray is a seaside town that likes to socially distance itself from the rest of Wicklow”. We also get answers to some deep questions like why people from Bray are often referred to as “Bray-Heads” and he also confirms that Hozier is in fact King of Bray. Knew it.

Bray Wanderers also get a mention, albeit for being the lowest ranked team on FIFA. But hey, a mention is a mention! However, it’s also confirmed that FIFA is conspiring against Bray Wanderers, in order to keep them wandering as opposed to actually playing football.

Our pals at Catalyst also get a mention for being solely responsible for brining Bray out of the perpetual groundhog-ness of 2006. Thanks to Catalyst, Bray finally landed in the 20s.

Finally, we feel it should also be mentioned that Frankie has an impressive trackie wardrobe that rivals that of Lewis Capaldi. An under-rated and unrecognised fashion influencer in my opinion – someone get this man a sponsorship deal!!

Frankie is a gas man and has a full array of videos on all different topics. Earlier on this year we absolutely loved his breakdown of the Xtra-Vision time of lives, but he has also covered other topical Irish issues of 2021 like sea-swimming, the middle aisle in Aldi, the immersion and what happened to the milkman?

*It goes without saying that we use the term facts very loosely…

Lead Image via Instagram/meditiationsfortheanxiousmind

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