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03rd Aug 2021

WATCH: This TikTok series dedicated to Irish Ma Dinners is what the world needs

Fiona Frawley

Does your ma’s signature dish make an appearance in these vids?

We all know the feeling of returning home from school to see the big casserole dish on the hob, signifying that you’d be having stew for dinner for the rest of the week.

Or the familiar clank of the Dolmio white and red lasagne sauces at the bottom of the trolley on the weekly shop.

Irish TikToker Caitlin Rua has decided to explore the enigma that is an Irish Ma’s Dinner in not one, not two but THREE TikTok videos and they’re guaranteed to have you laughing, cringing and craving bisto gravy all in the one go.


The savoury mince had me crying real tears not gonna lie

♬ White Woman’s Instagram – Bo Burnham


I’m giving the people what they want. Coddle slander is not allowed.

♬ White Woman’s Instagram – Bo Burnham



♬ White Woman’s Instagram – Bo Burnham

Special shout out to the savoury mince and mash and bacon and cabbage, both of which I had a visceral reaction to.

It won’t surprise you to hear the videos have been an instant hit, and poor Caitlin has been inundated with requests from people demanding their Ma’s dinner be included in the next vid. I’ll be keeping my eye out for Uncle Ben’s sweet & sour chicken and the inevitable bitta slimming world spag bol. Both midweek staples in the Frawley household.

Did your ma’s go-to dinner make an appearance?

Header image via Tiktok/Caitilin Rua

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