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12th Nov 2017

9 Cute Lil Bits You Can Get From Penneys Right Now

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

My hobbies include: Spending an unnecessary amount of time browsing through the homeware section in Penneys and finding cute little bits that I never knew I needed until I came across them. (I should put that on my dating profile)

Here are some of the best bits you can pick up from Penneys right now that you probably don’t need, but will probably convince yourself you do.

1. This Adorable Bell Light Jar

Fairy lights are the best thing about Penneys if you ask me. In fact, I have so many in my room that I’ve run out of places to put them (not a single window ledge or door frame is left in sight!)

This bell jar would be perfect on any bedside locker and copper gives me life, so like, can you cope? Cause I really cannot. 

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2. The Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar

People don’t seem to be interested in the classic chocolate advent calendars anymore. It’s now all about gin, cheese and especially beauty.

From what I’ve seen, the beauty advent calendars are pretty feckin’ pricey, so for someone looking for one that won’t break the bank – this one is for you.

For €18 you can pamper yourself for the 24 days of Christmas. 

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a gorge little red lippy… 

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3. This Beaut Unicorn Powerbank

Charging your phone on the go has never looked so cute and colourful.

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4. This Millennial Pink Journal 

As the new year creeps up, it’s time to get your life in order. 

Journals are the best way to keep track off all of your mates-dates and appointments and if it’s bright pink, well doesn’t that just make it all the better.

This is so Kate Spade-esque but it’s only a fiver, bargain

23546852 10214829576317468 2121174942 O

5. These Sweet Shop Trays

If I see jellies being sold in a jar, tray, gorge box, for some reason I’m so much more likely to buy it. 

These sweet trays come with a teeny-tiny scoop. They would be the perfect stocking filler for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

23546986 10214829575597450 1933004285 O

6. This Galaxy Keyboard Cover

Having glam keyboard keys is a must. 

For anyone with a Macbook, this one’s for you.

23546825 10214829576877482 2143395233 O

7. These Bunny Slippers

Slip ons are all the rage right now but because it’s winter, it doesn’t look like you’ll be wearing them when you’re going out to do the shopping. So how about at home?

These bunny slippers are super cute and cosy

23546972 10214829576277467 1697153292 O

8. A Toasty Cap

Those morning strolls are becoming tough on delicate ears. Time to whip out the winter hats.

This heavy-knitted pink hat is so cute and it’s only €3.

23555321 10214829577677502 838195631 O

9. Yummy Hot Chocolate Mix

Winter = Litres of hot chocolate.

This mug is gorge too, so you’re on to a winner.

23583877 10214829577597500 848543630 O

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